Real Estate: Best Long-Term Investment

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Real Estate: Best Long-Term Investment

Real estate continues to top the list of best long-term investments, according to a Gallup Economy and Personal Finances Poll. Americans prefer investing in real estate (30 percent) when compared to gold (24 percent), stocks/mutual funds (24 percent), savings accounts/CDs (14), and bonds (6 percent).

Only in 2011 (when the housing market was down and when gold was at its highest market price) did Americans choose gold over real estate. With the housing market continuing to improve and home prices rising, real estate is back on top.

The polling data also reveals the top two responses by age group:

18-29 Real Estate 25% Stocks/Mutual Funds 24%

30-49 Real Estate 34% Stocks/Mutual Funds 23%

50-64 Real Estate 30% Gold 28%

65+ Real Estate 31% Stocks/Mutual Funds 28%

Not surprisingly, upper-income Americans are much more likely to say real estate is the best investment, possibly because of their experience in the market. Upper-income households also are the most likely to say they own their own home (87 percent), compared to middle-income (66 percent) and lower-income (33 percent) households.

This little gem is from one of my monthly mailers. I like to try to supply you with relevant, useful real estate information. Please call, email, or text me for more information about buying or selling .

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