5 Signs It’s Time to List Your House

As the housing market continues its recovery, we are seeing seller’s markets in many areas of the country. Are you still undecided about selling? Here are five signs that now might be the time to do it, as featured on RISMedia’s Housecall blog.

1. You’ve outgrown your space. Not to be mistaken for accumulating more stuff than your house can hold, sometimes we actually need more space. Maybe the kids need separate bedrooms, you need to set up a home office, or an aging relative is moving in.

2. Your neighborhood is booming. If you’ve noticed a lot of “SOLD” signs around the neighborhood, you might be in the middle of a hot market. If houses are selling for more than their listing prices, it could be a good time to list yours.

3. You’re letting things go. If you’re not keeping up with maintenance and home improvement projects the way you used to, you could be shifting toward a lower maintenance way of life. Instead of paying to half-heartedly fix things, you could put that money toward a newer home that doesn’t require the work.

4. Your equity has returned. During the housing crash, many of us lost enough equity in our homes that selling wasn’t an option. But the number of homeowners returning to positive equity continues to rise (according to CoreLogic, 94 percent of homes $200,000 and above have positive equity). Get your home reappraised, and you might find you are back in a position to sell.

5. Your life has changed. Many life events can significantly change your circumstances – marriage, divorce, starting a family, getting a new job, retirement, etc. Take a close look at your current phase of life, and if your house isn’t in sync with it, it might be time to sell.

Selling your home is a big decision. As your real estate professional, I am here to guide you through the process. Call me today and I can help you assess your options.


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