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For most of us, our bedroom is little more than a place to sleep and relax. However, just because it’s always been that way doesn’t mean that we have to settle for drab and dreary.

One trend that’s gaining steam these days is converting your current bedroom into a luxury suite (or something comparable). If you want to live like you’re renting a room at the Ritz, then you want to follow these tips.

Compartmentalize Your Activities

Making your bedroom more functional is going to make it more luxurious. Add a gorgeous desk for working and a TV area for entertainment, and you’ll be living it up in no time.

Make it Chic

Choose a color palette that is both luxurious and classy. Silver and gold can seem tacky, so choose muted shades that compliment each other.

Also, a brilliant and commanding headboard can instantly upgrade the look of your room without any other changes.

Light it Properly

Finally, make sure that you have the right light to show off your designs. If it’s too washed out or yellow, then it will look drab and run down. Switch to brilliant LEDs and see the difference.

Choose Your Accents Wisely

We already mentioned a headboard, but some elegant drapes can also make your room feel more royal. Being strategic with your furniture accessories is going to both keep you under budget and avoid doing too much with the space.

Are you ready to lux your bedroom? You’ll be impressed by the results, and the feeling of decadence will make you more confident in your surroundings.


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5 Steps to a bedroom makeover

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Ready to refresh a bedroom in your home? Here are five steps to get the process headed in the right direction.

  1. Choose a color scheme. Don’t make this decision harder than it is. If you’re stuck on choosing a color, start with a neutral (such as gray, creamy white or taupe) and decide on one or two accents that can be easily changed as time goes on.
  2. Start sorting. Before you bring in anything new, you must get rid of the old. Donate current bedding, furniture and decorative items that cannot be recycled or refinished to fit the new decorating theme.
  3. Pick timeless pieces. For the big-ticket items like a comforter or dresser, choose pieces that will stand the test of time. Use smaller items like throw pillows to add color, texture and patterns.
  4. Change up the layout. While new furniture and a coat of paint can help change the feel of a room, a new layout can take it one step farther. Rearrange furnishings to give your room a fresh feel.
  5. Switch out light fixtures. If you have a floor lamp, add a chandelier. If you like to read at night, add some soft lighting over your bed. Look for warm lights and avoid fluorescent bulbs that will make your room feel sterile.




Five Star award Winner 2011- 2018 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon. 

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