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Spring Cleaning Season!

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As the weather begins to warm up, now’s the time to let your house breathe and do some spring cleaning. Set aside a day or a weekend to tackle your entire living space so you can freshen up your home without dragging out the process. Use this list to organize your cleaning room by room.


·         Wipe down cabinets.

·         Clean windows.

·         Deep clean stovetop, oven and microwave.

·         Clean out fridge and pantry. Remove everything from the shelves and wipe down inside. As you return items, throw away any expired food, as well as spices that have been open longer than a year.

·         Remove everything from countertops and thoroughly scrub counters and backsplash.

·         Sweep and mop floors.

Living Room:

·         Clean out fireplace.

·         Dust ceiling fans, furniture and electronics.

·         Wash or vacuum window treatments.

·         Clean windows.

·         Freshen couches and chairs. Vacuum and use upholstery cleaner where needed. Rotate the placement of couch cushions.

·         Wipe down baseboards and crown molding.

·         Vacuum and steam clean carpets.


·         Remove all bedding and sort into five piles: mattress pads, fitted sheets, flat sheets, blankets, and comforters. Wash in that order so you can make the beds as each load is completed.

·         Wash or vacuum window treatments.

·         Clean mirrors and windows.

·         Dust furniture with microfiber cloths.

·         Wipe down baseboards and crown molding.

·         Vacuum and steam clean carpets.


·         Spray surfaces of tubs, showers and toilets with a heavy-duty cleaner, then allow to soak while you finish the next three items on the bathroom checklist. Return to rinse surfaces before completing the fifth item.

·         Clean mirrors, windows and sinks.

·         Wipe down walls.

·         Clean baseboards and vacuum or mop floors.

·         Wash towels and throw rugs.

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You have all heard of spring cleaning, but what about Fall cleaning? Here are a few goods ideas to get you ready for the fall and winder months. Fall is here!

1. Clean and Reverse Fans. Your ceiling fans have been hard at work all summer so they may have gathered more dust than you realize. Turn your fans off, and clean the sides, tops and bottoms of the blades. Reverse your fans so the blades send air upward to disrupt the warm air that collects near the ceiling and disperse it downward. This is particularly effective in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings and rooms with stoves or fireplaces.

2. Clean Window Treatments. Use a cordless hand-held vacuum to remove dust from hanging window treatments. If you have hanging curtains, take them down for a gentle launder. While they’re down, clean your windows and sills thoroughly.

3. Vacuum and Clean Furniture. Vacuum your upholstered furniture, and spot-clean the big stains as needed. Always test an inconspicuous area of your couch before applying any cleaning agent to a main area.

4. Seal the Air Leaks. Check your windows and doors for damaged weather stripping and cracked caulking, and make repairs as needed.


Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, MASTERS CIRCLE, Diversity Specialist, HOWNW,  CSA-Certified Staging Agent, Oregon First, Realtors

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