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Is your furniture a dangerous jungle gym?

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Turning your back for just a moment gives a child just enough time to reupholster your couch with peanut butter or redecorate your wall with crayons. More importantly, in a split second, they could turn furniture into a jungle gym and get hurt. According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, around 15,000 kids visit the emergency room each year due to falling furniture. Take the necessary precautions to secure your furniture, and save your kids from serious injury.

When purchasing furniture, choose pieces with wide bases and steady legs. Talk to your kids about the dangers of climbing on furniture, and keep toys close to the floor so children won’t be tempted to scale the bookshelf.

You can also secure furniture and TVs to walls with mounts and safety straps. Some furniture manufacturers now provide safety straps with the purchase of certain shelving units. Install these as an extra line of defense against kids who pull and climb.


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Modern Or Contemporary: What’s The Difference?

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Your friends may describe a home as “modern” or “contemporary,” but what do they really mean? According to REALTOR® Magazine, here’s how these two styles differ.

Modern: This style of house focuses on straight lines and limited details. Honesty and simplicity are characteristics of modern architecture. Here are some other traits:
• rectangular exteriors with flat roofs
• open floor plans
• changes in elevation (such as split levels)
• monochromatic color palettes
• limited decorations

Contemporary: This style of house may combine traits from several design styles, ranging from traditional to modern. Contemporary architecture is constantly evolving, characterized by the following:
• curves or sweeping lines
• asymmetrical shapes
• mixed materials – wood, stone and brick
• a combination of indoor-outdoor spaces
• large windows and skylights

Five Star award recipient 2011-2018 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.


Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, MASTERS CIRCLE, Earth Advantage Broker, Diversity Specialist-HOWNW, CSA-Certified Staging Agent

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