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One Main Reason Fall Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy A House!

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What if your home no longer suits your needs, because it’s too big, or too small, or in the wrong part of town, or … well, there are all kinds of reasons you may want to move. Luckily, fall is a great time to buy a new house and make it into your cozy new home.

Motivated Sellers= More negotiating power

People who sell their homes in fall and winter are often in a hurry to make a sale. They want to be settled before the holidays come, or they want to get a tax break* for this year rather than next year, or they have a new job and they need to relocate. These sellers are looking to close the sale as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

When you buy in fall, the combination of motivated sellers and fewer other homebuyers competing with you for available homes means more negotiating power in your hands, which often results in a better deal. This could mean a lower sales price, seller-paid repairs or upgrades, and even seller-paid closing costs. 

Buying a home in the fall gives you the best of all worlds — lower prices and less competition but still enough inventory to find the home you want. 

If you’re serious about buying a home, doing so this fall may save you money or help you afford more than you expect. Contact me today to discuss your options before you miss out on the fall homebuying season! 


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De-clutter your house, de-clutter your mind!

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De-Clutter Before You Move

Moving to a new home can seem daunting when you look over the piles of clutter you’ve accumulated. Don’t let the quantity of what you have to pack overwhelm you. Instead, prepare for your next adventure by getting rid of the old to make space for the new.

Start piles.
You have three options when it comes to cleaning: keep, throw away and donate. If you can’t move without it, keep it. If it’s broken or unusable, throw it away or recycle it. If you no longer have a need for the item but it’s in usable condition, donate it. Simplifying your options makes the process quicker.

Don’t procrastinate!
Start early. If you know you are moving several months in advance, don’t wait to start organizing and packing. Using the pile system, you can start organizing your “stuff” so the task never feels too overwhelming.

Prioritize over time.
Categorize your lengthy to-do list into themed days and weeks, such as “donate week,” “clean-out-the-closets week,” and “box-up-the-kitchen day.” Then tackle those days and weeks one at a time. Work backwards so you’re packing and storing items you use less often first. You don’t want to pack all your bath towels weeks before your move!

Don’t weigh down your boxes.
Remember, a human is going to have to move each of these boxes, so don’t weigh them down. Pack lighter items in with heavier items, and go for more boxes with fewer items inside. If it’s a local move, don’t forget to utilize totes, suitcases and laundry baskets you already own to transport household items.


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Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, MASTERS CIRCLE, Diversity Specialist, HOWNW, CSA-Certified Staging Agent, Oregon First, Realtors

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