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Have you wondered how much prices are increasing near you? Here are the latest numbers….


Have you wondered the appreciation (increase in value) rates are in our city? What about the days on the market(how long it takes to sell)? What about the average sales price for your City? Take a look at the very latest numbers for your City. For more specific information on your neighborhood and home please call, email, or text me anytime.

Five Star award recipient 2011- 2018 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.


Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, Diversity Specialist, HOWNW, Earth Advantage Broker, MASTERS CIRCLE, CSA-Certified Staging Agent

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The Top Reasons Why People Move

American home owners sell and move, on average, every seven years. People who have lived in the same home for the past 30 years may have a hard time understanding all this moving! They are shocked that people move so often, but I know one thing for certain: Their day to sell will come eventually.

Here are the top reasons why people sell:

  • The home is too small. First-time home buyers often outgrow their “starter” homes. As family size increases many home owners feel like they need more space.
  • The neighborhood has changed.It’s hard for many people to stay in a neighborhood that has changed negatively over time. Difficult neighbors, crime and generally feeling unsafe will push people to move if they can afford it.
  • To fix overlooked needs. Owners might believe they made a mistake when purchasing their present home and want to rectify that mistake. Maybe they thought they could get by without a back yard but are now interested in gardening, or they didn’t think about needing a large dining room to host those game nights with friends.
  • Job transfer. Relocation makes it necessary for many to move. If the commuting distance exceeds an hour, most people would rather sell and mover closer to work to avoid sitting in traffic.
  • Death in the family. It’s a sad fact of life, but many people eventually end up selling their parents or grandparents home, after the passing of the family member. It’s also very common for homeowners to transfer title to a property into a trust to avoid probate proceedings. This allows the successor trustee to sell the property without court approval.
  • Personal relationships. Moving in with a partner or getting married can mean one of the parties will need to sell, especially if both owned homes prior to the commitment. On the other hand, break-ups cause owners to sell as well.
  • Empty nest.The kids have grown up and moved out. The owners want a single-story house, a smaller home or a smaller yard. Who wants to keep up all that? Downsizing a home is very popular among retirees.
  • Community living. Active-adult communities are attracting many buyers over the age of 55. These planned communities have golf courses, workout facilities, weekend social gatherings and more.
  • See family more often. Some people want to be closer to their family as they age and will move to be near relatives. Parents want to be near children. Grandparents, near their children and grandchildren.
  • See family less often. To put more distance between the home owners and relatives. Some might move out of state to keep harmony within the family. Sometimes distance is key.
  • Lifestyle change.Some people are looking to change their lifestyle and would prefer to travel or pursue a hobby. Many people past a certain age want to find a calling that is meaningful to them. For these people, home ownership loses its priority status and turns equity into cash for following their dreams.
  • Home improvement or flipping.A small segment of people enjoys fixing up a home and flipping it, changing homes every two years or so. Once the work is completed, it’s on to the next home!

If you’re thinking about moving please give a call! I’d love to help!



Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, MASTERS CIRCLE, Diversity Specialist, HOWNW,  CSA-Certified Staging Agent, Oregon First, Realtors

Five Star award recipient 2011-2017 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.

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Create a Calming Space in Your Home

Every home needs a space dedicated to relaxing and rejuvenating. Whether it’s a bedroom, a meditation room or just a corner of the basement, here are some ways to make that place your calming space.

Use calming colors. Decorate with cool tones and muted colors to allow your brain to relax. Avoid harsh colors or busy prints. Taupe, gray, lavender, blush pink, or nearly any shade of blue are all colors that calm our senses.

Minimize the noise. Keep technology to a minimum because bright screens strain your eyes and busy your mind. Make the space a phone-free zone so you can avoid interrupting alerts and buzzes. An ambient noise machine is a great noise substitute, allowing you to listen to the sounds of ocean waves or rainfall.

Maximize the comfort level. Make the area comfortable and cozy. Fill it with soft pillows and blankets to make this space luxurious and nap-friendly. (Oversized, faux fur pillows are trending.) Set the mood for relaxation with soft lights that make the room glow.

Soothe your senses. Use a candle warmer or oil diffuser to fill the room with mellow scents. Eucalyptus, lavender, cedar, and mint are all natural, soft smells that leave your space feeling clean and inviting. Candles are great for soft, flickering light and peaceful scents, but be sure to blow them out before leaving your calming space.

Thinking about selling? Call me, i can help! I can also offer more information on staging your home! I’m a CSA! Certified Staging Agent.


Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, MASTERS CIRCLE, Diversity Specialist, HOWNW,  CSA-Certified Staging Agent, Oregon First, Realtors

Five Star award recipient 2011-2017 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.


Direct 503.380.9634, Email-    homesforyou@frontier.com

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The Weather’s Still Nice – Get Outside While You Can!


Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area:

Surrounded by warehouses and port terminals in North Portland, Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area is one of the region’s best-kept secrets. Take the Interlakes Trail or go by boat to explore one of America’s largest urban wetlands. Either way, you might find beavers, river otters, black-tailed deer, osprey, bald eagles and Western painted turtles. You’ll also find a water control structure that is restoring this network of sloughs, wetlands and forests.

Elk Rock Island:

Elk Rock Island is connected to the mainland by a 40-million-year-old land bridge. The island is accessible at low water at the Spring Park trailhead on SE 19th Avenue and Sparrow Street. Follow the hiking trails that wind around the bay and through the island. Enjoy the natural habitat while remaining on the designated paths to avoid the poison oak.

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge:

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, a 140-acre floodplain wetland along the east bank of the Willamette River, which cuts through Portland from the south to the north on its way to merge with the Columbia River as it heads to the Pacific Ocean. Hawks, quail, pintails, mallards, coots, woodpeckers, kestrels, and widgeons are just the start of the list of birds that one might encounter in Oaks Bottom. Scores of great blue heron are found in the area because of its proximity to one of the rookeries on Ross Island.

Overlook Park:

What does it overlook? A massive train yard. But it’s still a gorgeous park, with sports facilities and a climbing tree straight out of Swiss Family Robinson. It’s also home to the North American Organic Brewers Festival. And also the best train-yard views in Portland.

Council Crest Park:

The water tower that now stands atop Council Crest used to be a 77-foot-tall wooden observatory, part of the Council Crest Amusement Park which operated from 1907-1929 and was torn down in 1941. From the top of the hill, one can see five mountains in the Cascade Range: Mt Hood, Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, Mt Jefferson, and Mt Rainier. In addition, the park boasts a fantastic 180-degree view of Portland and surrounding towns.

Laurelhurst Park:

Laurelhurst Park is a gorgeous example of the City Beautiful Movement in landscaping. In 1919, the park was named the most beautiful park on the west coast by the Pacific Coast Parks Association, and it was the first city park ever named to the National Register of Historic Places. A stroll through the park and surrounding neighborhoods make a perfect afternoon outing.

Pier Park:

Pier Park, located in North Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood, is home to a public pool and expansive park area equipped with a seasonal play fountain, play structure, covered picnic area, baseball, soccer, and softball fields, tennis and basketball courts, paved walking paths and an accessible restroom. The park also has an impressive 11,000 square foot (1,021 square meter) skate park with a 20-foot (6.1-meter) diameter full-pipe.

Washington Park:

Here, you’ll find the Oregon Zoo, Hoyt Arboretum, the World Forestry Center, the International Rose Test Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Children’s Museum, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Pittock Mansion:

Surrounded by 46-acres of natural beauty, no other place in town offers a more breathtaking view or revealing glimpse of Portland’s past than Pittock Mansion. It has better views of the city than any other Portland park, and it’s free to tour the grounds. Tours of the sprawling mansion cost $10.00.

Cathedral Park (pictured):

Cathedral Park lies in North Portland nestled on the banks of the Willamette river. Walking beneath the towering cathedral-like footings of the St. John’s bridge with the sun rays streaking through the morning mist, and the trees of Forest Park swaying in the distance as a cool breeze passes through them, is an amazing experience.

Tanner Springs Park:

Located 20ft above what was once Couch Lake in the Pearl, this urban wetland lets you walk across the water on zig-zagging paths surrounded by a massive art installation involving 368 railroad tracks.

Mt. Tabor Park:

Portland’s Mt. Tabor, a volcanic cinder cone, is a very popular destination and features expansive views of downtown Portland, picnic areas, a dog off-leash area, natural surface and paved paths, a playground, a performance stage, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts — not to mention the picturesque outdoor reservoirs that once held the city’s drinking water.

Forest Park:

Forest Park flanks the hills on the west side of the city, just 10 minutes by car from downtown, and overlooks Portland’s main waterway, the Willamette River. This natural getaway, which is the largest wooded urban park in the United States, is filled with more than 70 miles of walking and hiking trails. The Macleay Trail is an interesting one: it passes an abandoned stone house, which makes a great photo op!

Powell Butte Nature Park:

Powell Butte, an extinct cinder cone volcano, rises near the headwaters of Johnson Creek – an urban creek with remnant populations of native salmon and steelhead. The park is comprised of 611 acres of meadowland and forest.

Tryon Creek State Park:

Just minutes south of downtown in southwest Portland, Tryon Creek is a once-logged forest that has naturally regrown into a lush stand of red alder, Douglas fir, big leaf maple, and western red cedar, with more than 50 species of birds and many small mammals residing in the Park. Trout, too, reside in the creek.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden:

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is a unique seven-acre garden containing an outstanding collection of rare species and hybrid rhododendrons, azaleas, and other lesser known ericaceous plants, as well as many companion plants and unusual trees. This internationally recognized garden is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. April through May, when the azaleas and rhododendrons are in full bloom, the garden is spectacular. A spring fed lake surrounds much of the garden, attracting countless waterfowl which nest and feed in this natural habitat. In fall and winter, trees and shrubs add their own color and interesting structure.


Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, MASTERS CIRCLE, Diversity Specialist, HOWNW,  CSA-Certified Staging Agent, Oregon First, Realtors

Five Star award recipient 2011-2017 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.

Direct 503.380.9634, Email-    homesforyou@frontier.com

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Things to do in Portland – October 2017


Haunted yard October 2 – 31, 2017

See Davis Graveyard in Milwaukie any day, or after dusk to see the lights, or wait for special effects Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Free.

Haunted pub crawl October 3 – 31, 2017

The Haunted Pub Tour in Portland’s historic Old Tow District includes beer tastings at two historic pubs and stories about their resident ghosts

Authentic version: Phantom of the Opera October 5 – 15, 2017

Phantom is an adaptation with “characters more richly developed than in any other version” of the timeless story about a masked man and an opera singer set in 1890s Paris, at Brunish Theatre.

Brass band October 6, 2017 (7:30 p.m.)

Hear the famous quintet American Brass Quintet at Winningstad Theatre.

Portland Marathon & Health Expo October 6 – 8, 2017

Friday and Saturday are registration and a free Sports and Fitness Expo at the Hilton Portland. Saturday is the kids’ run. Sunday is the famous Portland Marathon and half marathon.

Greek festival October 6 – 8, 2017

Portland Greek Festival has Greek food, crafts, music, and dance at NE 32nd Ave. & NE Glisan St. Free.

Weird film festival October 6 – 8, 2017

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival screens films containing literary horror and weird tales similar to the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, and offers panel discussions, author readings, gaming, and art at Hollywood Theatre.

Halloween cabaret October 6 – 15, 2017

Villains & Vixens is musical cabaret with new songs by your favorite villains from TV, movies, musicals, literature, and legends at The Headwaters Theater.

Haunted house: 13th Door October 6 – Nov. 4, 2017

The 13th Door Haunted House features “animated creatures and theatrical actors” at 3855 SW Murray Boulevard in Beaverton. See schedule.

Arts of India October 7, 2017 (7 p.m.)

Dance of the Hummingbirds is a creative collaboration combining traditional Indian dancers, a live orchestra, paintings, and poetry at Winningstad Theatre.

Cheese festival October 7, 2017

Taste artisan and farmstead cheese made in the Northwest and meet the 30 artisan makers at The Wedge at 100 SE Alder Street.

Hip car show October 7, 2017 (5 to 11 p.m.)

Hot Import Nights brings exotic cars, nightclub acts, DJ music, and foreign models to Portland Expo Center.

Ideas conference October 7, 2017

Hear 13 fascinating speakers talk about a variety of subjects at TEDxMtHood in the theater at President Theodore Roosevelt High School.

Halloween ball October 7, 2017

The Pacific Northwest Witches Ball promises an upscale evening of music, dance performances, a costume contest, hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, and vendors at Monarch Hotel and Conference Center in Clackamas for age 18+. Elegant costume required.

Obstacle race October 7, 2017

Overcome mud, fire, ropes, and barricades to complete the 3.12 mile Warrior Dash for a medal and T-shirt at Hornings Hideout in North Plains.

Bigfoot festival October 7, 2017 (12 to 6 p.m.)

Bigfoot Bash at Logtoberfest features country music, local craft beer, and Sasquatch stories in the heart of Sasquatch country at Wind Mountain Ranch in Home Valley, WA.

Hops festival in Hood River October 7, 2017 (12 to 8 p.m.)

Enjoy beer from 50 breweries, local cuisine, arts and crafts vendors, and live music at Hood River Hops Fest in Hood River. Kids OK until 5 p.m. No dogs.

Haunted house: Fright Town October 7 – 31, 2017

Get three scary attractions for one price at Fright Town, under Veterans Memorial Coliseum in the Rose Quarter. Closed Mon. and Tues. except Oct. 30 & 31.

Fashion show October 11 – 14, 2017

FashioNXT debuts spring & summer fashion-designer collections at NW Northrup St & NW 9th Ave. (exhibits and cocktails at 6 p.m., runway show at 8 p.m, meet-and-greet market hour at 9:15 p.m., and after party at 10 p.m.).

Ballet October 12 – 14, 2017

Oregon Ballet Theatre performs the world premiere of Rhapsody in Blue plus the audience favorite Never Stop Falling (in Love) at Keller Auditorium.

Home and garden show October 12 – 15, 2017

The Portland Fall Home Show fills the Portland Expo Center with home-improvement vendors, dining-room exhibits, garden displays, and thousands of plants. Repeats in February.

Unique beer festival October 14, 2017 (noon to 6 p.m.)

A ticket to Cider and Beer Pro/Am gets you samples of specialty beer made by professional brewers and amateur home brewers at District East for age 21+.

Tattoo expo October 13 – 15, 2017

Portland Tattoo Expo brings 300 of America’s best tattoo artists and vendors to Portland Expo Center.

Gem and mineral show October 13 – 15, 2017

See rocks, minerals, fossils, gems, and jewelry at Portland Regional Gem and Mineral Show at Washington County Fair Complex in Hillsboro.

Hood River harvest festival October 13 – 15, 2017

Hood River Valley Harvest Fest has arts & crafts, a food court, cider, wine and beer tasting, produce, music, and a kids’ zone overlooking the Columbia.

Apple Tasting October 13 – 15 and 20 – 22, 2017

Taste and buy 60 kinds of apples and pears, visit a kids’ tent, see cider making, and hear live music at Apple Tasting at Portland Nursery on Stark St. Free.

Haunted attraction October 13 – 31, 2017

Clark County Scaregrounds has three haunted houses, a carnival with rides, and midway games at Clark County Event Center in Ridgefield, WA. Dates in 2017: Oct. 13-15, 19-22, 26-31.

Onion festival October 14, 2017

The Great Onion Festival includes onion-eating and rolling contests, entertainment, and food booths at Archer Glen Elementary in Sherwood. Free.

Obstacle challenge October 14, 2017

Oregon Army National Guard challenges you to get past 3.5 miles of obstacles in a two-person team at Storm the Castle Obstacle Challenge in Salem for age 16+. Free.

Vegetarian festival October 14 – 15, 2017

Portland VegFest offers free samples, films, cooking demonstrations, 100 exhibitors, speakers, and tasty food at the Oregon Convention Center.

Dance cruise October 14 & 21, 2017 (11 p.m.)

Enjoy two hours of views, a cash bar, and dance hits from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s on the Flashback Dance Cruise aboard Portland Spirit, departing from Waterfront Park for age 21+.

Artist open house October 14 – 15 and 21 – 22, 2017

Visit the studios of 96 Portland artists on the self-guided Portland Open Studios tour to see their work, techniques, and spaces.

Fruit show October 20 – 21, 2017

Taste hundreds of varieties of apples, pears, kiwi, and grapes plus exotic fruit sorbet at All About Fruit Show. Hear speakers, meet fruit experts, and even order custom grafted trees at the fairgrounds in Canby.

Arcade game expo October 20 – 22, 2017

Play 200 arcade games and watch tournaments at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) in the Oregon Convention Center.

Beer week October 20 – 29, 2017

Killer Beer Week includes a diverse lineup of craft beer events throughout the Portland metro area.

All-American musical October 20 – Nov. 12, 2017

All Hands on Deck is a patriotic 1940s show featuring “classic commercials, tight harmonies, impromptu skits, and 42 of the greatest American songs ever written” at Mister Theater.

Pumpkin beer festival October 21, 2017

Killer Pumpkin Festival offers 40 pumpkin beers and cocktails, pumpkin bowling and smashing, and live street music at Green Dragon Bistro & Brew Pub.

Wine walk October 21, 2017 (2 to 5 p.m.)

A ticket to Wine Walk Lake Oswego gets you 8 tastes of wine, snacks, music, and art in local shops.

Pumpkin regatta festival October 21, 2017

West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta is a race across the lake in giant pumpkins, plus a 5K run, pumpkin carving, music, entertainment, kids’ crafts, costume contest, and food & drink vendors in Tualatin. Free.

Barn Dance October 21, 2017

The Barn Dance has live music, line-dancing lessons, a pig-roast dinner, and cold beer at Oregon Garden in Silverton for ages 21+.

Gluten-free expo October 21 – 22, 2017

Sample and buy products from vendors at the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest at Portland Expo Center.

Holistic expo October 21 – 22, 2017

Body Mind Spirit Expo [sound on some PCs] has exhibits and presentations about alternative health and psychic power at Washington County Fair Complex.

Salmon weekend October 21 – 22, 2017

Watch salmon swim up the Sandy River to spawn and die where they were born during Salmon Homecoming at Oxbow Regional Park in Gresham. Talk to guides, visit the campfire, and have hot drinks while they last. No pets. Free except parking.

Downtown race October 22, 2017

Run Like Hell! includes a half marathon, 10K, and 5K, which all begin and end at Pioneer Courthouse Square and include an after-party.

Halloween at McMenamins October 22 – 31, 2017

McMenamins has live music, dancing, and costume contests at various locations. (Note that the Olympic Club & Anderson School are located in Washington.)

Halloween cruise October 27, 2017 (10:30 p.m.)

Rock the Boat is a costume dance party with DJ music, a cash bar, food for sale, and two hours of cruising the Willamette River, departing from Salmon Street Springs Fountain for age 21+.

Halloween dance party October 27, 2017 (9 p.m.)

Big music videos, colorful lights, and pounding music await you at the ’80s Video Dance Attack Halloween Party in McMenamins Crystal Ballroom for age 21+.

Haunted park October 27 – 28, 2017

Get tickets in advance for the scary West Linn Haunted Trail for age 8+ (7 to 10 p.m.) or the less scary Enchanted Trail for younger children (7 to 9 p.m.), outdoors at Mary S. Young Park.

Anime convention October 27 – 29, 2017

Kumoricon offers cosplay, gaming, dancing, panels, DJs, and karaoke at Oregon Convention Center.

Antique and collectibles show October 27 – 29, 2017 (Friday costs more)

Billed as America’s Largest Antique & Collectible Show, this event has 1000 vendors selling furniture, movie memorabilia, glassware, estate jewelry, paintings, and toys at Portland Expo Center. Repeats in March & July.

Thriller dance October 28, 2017

Location uncertain. Practice dancing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in advance, and then show up (ghoulish costume optional) for Thrill the World Portland.

Halloween pub ride October 28, 2017

Join 45 costumed partiers on a Hell on Wheels bus ride by Shanghai Portland, with music and party lights to six bars with no cover charge for age 21+.

Racy party October 28, 2017

Portland Erotic Ball offers bands, costume contests, and over-the-top adult entertainment in McMenamins Crystal Ballroom. Costume required.

Halloween jazz party October 28, 2017 (9 p.m.)

The Midnight Serenaders Halloween Bash features the Midnight Serenaders plus the Libertine Belles at The Secret Society for age 21+.

Halloween orienteering October 28, 2017 (10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Beginners and advanced orienteers are invited to Vampire Orienteering, where you navigate to locate “check points” while avoiding vampires at a tree farm south of Sherwood. Families and costumes welcome.

Howloween at the zoo October 28 – 29, 2017 (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.)

Kids 2 to 12 will enjoy scavenger hunts, goody bags, and activities like watching animals eat pumpkins during Howloween at the Oregon Zoo.

Halloween for kids October 29, 2017 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

Not-So-Scary Halloween features trick-or-treat bag decorating, a pumpkin smash, spooky stories, glow-in-the-dark painting, a costume dance party, and trick-or-treating at Portland Children’s Museum.

Mushroom festival October 29, 2017

The Mushroom Festival has mushrooms on display and for sale, experts to answer questions, food, arts and crafts, music, hayrides, and kids’ activities at Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene. No dogs.

Trick or treating October 31, 2017

Safe trick or treating for kids

  • Oct. 31 – Alberta Street – 3:30 to 6 p.m.
  • Oct. 31 – Cedar Hills Crossing – 5:30 to 7 p.m.
  • Oct. 31 – Multnomah Village – 3 to 5 p.m.
  • Oct. 31 – Oregon City – 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Oct. 31 – Tigard (Main Street) – 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Oct. 31 – Vancouver Mall – 5 to 7 p.m.
  • Gresham (Main Ave.) – 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Mississippi Avenue – 3 to 7 p.m.

1990s Halloween party October 31, 2017

Dance to music videos at the ‘90s Costume Dance Party in Lola’s Room at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom.



Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, MASTERS CIRCLE, Diversity Specialist, HOWNW,  CSA-Certified Staging Agent, Oregon First, Realtors

Five Star award recipient 2011-2017 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.

Direct 503.380.9634, Email-    homesforyou@frontier.com

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Licensed in the State of Oregon


Look Who’s Moving To Portland!


Have you heard the news? Oregon was the top destination for people looking to move to Portland in 2016, according to United Van Lines. Our beautiful state offers great restaurants, culture, nearby access to the outdoors (beach and mountains), art and entertainment. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to move here!

There are three distinct groups of people that are moving to Oregon: Retirees that are interested in moving back to the area to be closer to their families and friends. The second group are the 20-30 somethings that are ready to buy homes, have kids and settle down. These are the young, hard working household’s that will contribute to a strong economic growth for our state. The third group are young, college educated immigrants from other countries. Portland has become a magnet for talented young professionals from around the world. What a wonderful place we live in!

If you’re interested in buying or selling please give me a call. I’m always here for you!



Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, MASTERS CIRCLE, Diversity Specialist, HOWNW, CSA-Certified Staging Agent, Oregon First, Realtors
Five Star award recipient 2011-2017 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.

Direct 503.380.9634,

Email- homesforyou@frontier.com
View ALL available Houses on the market on my website. Licensed in the State of Oregon



$199,999 Move in ready 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath Townhome~End Unit

On market 8-18-17~ RMLS# 17657630~23955 NE Aldercrest Wood Village, OR

Asking $199,999 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, covered parking, end unit, Walking distance to Edgefield, shopping, and transportation.

Affordable comfort! This fabulous 1352 SF, 3 full bedroom, 1 1/2 bath Townhome is in one of the very best locations in the complex! Covered parking is conveniently located right in front of your new home. You’ll enjoy the welcoming private front courtyard, open floor plan, large living room with slider to the  gorgeous deck. All appliances included. Walking distance to Edgefield, trails to park and stores. Rec center, Pool  & Daycare available on site. Close to transit and outlet mall! Low monthly HOA fee covers commons, sewer, water, pool, garbage, landscaping, rec center, and management. See info and more photos on my website.


Rachel Sheller, Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES, MASTERS CIRCLE, Diversity Specialist, HOWNW,  CSA-Certified Staging Agent, Oregon First, Realtors

Five Star award recipient 2011-2017 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.

Direct 503.380.9634, Email-    homesforyou@frontier.com

View ALL available Houses on the market on my website

Licensed in the State of Oregon