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The “booming” 55+ residential real estate market

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Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, were the radical hippie generation, known as “flower children.” Think Beatles, Haight-Ashbury, Rolling Stones, and Woodstock. “Don’t trust anyone over 30” was the mantra of this trendsetting generation that continues to leave its mark on society by redefining what it now means to grow old.

Due to a popular marketing twist, newly retired baby boomers are being rebranded as “active adults.” No longer known as senior citizens, they are seeking a fully independent lifestyle community with a wide range of fitness and social opportunities, according to REALTOR® Magazine.

Many active adult communities offer: ranch homes or ground-level condos, fitness centers with dance studios, walking trails, arts and crafts studios, indoor/outdoor pools and spas, dog parks and other pet-friendly amenities, and features that will accommodate physical and mobility issues in the future.



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5 Places to use patterns and 2 places to avoid them


Some people love them, some people hate them. But there’s always room for a little pattern in your home’s interior décor.

Use patterns

Towels and napkins
Small bits of fun prints can add character to a plain kitchen. Dish towels and cloth napkins are easy to switch out, making it simple to change colors in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to try floral, stripe or geometric designs and rotate them regularly.

Outdoor furniture cushions
While your patio furniture should be sturdy and timeless, the cushions and pillows can be anything you like. Change them with the season or just because chartreuse is your new favorite color. Bold floral prints and bright colors work well outside.

Throw pillows
Throw pillows can take a living area from “blah” to “wow!” Pair pillows touting small prints with solid pillow partners. If you’re feeling extra edgy, a texture like fur or denim can add another dimension to your living room.

Kitchen backsplash
The backsplash can transform a kitchen. Try a bright, hammered copper or glass tiles to bring light and energy into the space. Have fun with this change by choosing a unique material that can be the room’s focal point.

Curtains are a prime place to incorporate large, bold prints. Complement busy patterns in curtains with solid-color accessories in the same shades to avoid making the space look too busy.

Avoid patterns

All four walls
Too much of a print can make a room feel cluttered. Try accenting one wall with a bold pattern, because a room full of prints can be hard to look at and even harder to update.

A patterned couch is usually best left on the showroom floor. As an investment piece, couches should be more neutral than trendy. Most prints go out of style within two to three years, so don’t let the appeal of your couch expire that quickly.

Five Star award recipient 2011-2018 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.


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