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8 Hot Home Trends For 2020 And Beyond

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With a new decade upon us, it’s an exciting time for home design trendsetters, including architects, developers, builders — and yes, you, the homeowner. Trends in the field reflect green and tech innovations, healthier lifestyles and a focus on shared space. Let’s take a look at eight of the most important directions being taken.

  1. Going casual.Homes today reflect a more relaxed lifestyle, with an emphasis on comfort. Formal dining and living rooms are being replaced by open floor plans, a greater inclusion of the outdoors and no-frills home offices.
  2. Smarter and better connected.Evolving smart technologies have been incorporated throughout the home. Automated systems, which range from home security to lighting to climate control, are everywhere. Command centers provide a place for wireless charging stations, home deliveries and easy device access for coordinating family schedules.
  3. Green sustainability is in fashion.In response to a changing climate and increasing costs, energy efficiency is a must. Homeowners are choosing Energy Star appliances and windows. Smart thermostats and LED lighting save money and energy. New, efficient plumbing fixtures conserve water. Builders are using recycled and other high-tech materials to improve thermal insulation. Rooftop solar panels are more common. The green home marketplace is abuzz with constant improvements.
  4. The appeal of the open floor plan.Whether home buyers are looking to maximize the flow of light or space, or to create more familial unity, they’re looking to open floor plans. Most common is the integration of the kitchen with a dining or living room, but also with a patio or home office. These multipurpose spaces are becoming the norm.
  5. The heart of the home.The kitchen remains the center of household activity. We not only cook and eat in the kitchen, but its island has expanded into the home’s meeting place. Design-wise, buyers are looking for white-upon-white cabinetry and walls, stainless steel appliances and natural stone counter tops.
  6. Redefining the bathroom.In the easygoing 2020’s, the bathroom can be your refuge: a long shower or even longer soak transforms the room from a care space into a spa. Calming shades of white and gray are preferred. Homebuyers are going with the clean look of wall-mounted fixtures. More welcoming walk-in showers with multi-function faucets are a hot feature.
  7. At home in the great outdoors.Another exciting trend for the 2020s is a greater usage of the homeowner’s outdoor space. With more informal lifestyles, enjoying one’s yard, deck, patio or pool is now a priority. Designer outdoor furniture and exterior lighting, as well as mobile heaters and outdoor kitchens, are making the outdoors a year-round experience.
  8. Tomorrow’s home, today.Builders are recognizing home affordability issues and responding to home buyers’ changing priorities. This is resulting in smaller homes with fewer traditional luxuries, like three-car garages. More affordable prefab modular construction and townhomes are on the rise.

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Are Home Buyers Smart To Follow The Trends?

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Architects and designers love to convince people that the latest trends are the most desirable features for every household. However, a design’s popularity doesn’t necessarily mean that every buyer should want it. Here are some examples, according to Realtor.com®.

1.     Open floor plans: While open floor plans can feel bright and airy, they’re not without some drawbacks. Sound carries in spacious rooms, which can be frustrating for households with young children or adults who work from home. And while it’s convenient to see your living room from your kitchen, remember that open floor plans generally require large rugs, tall pieces of art and strategically placed furniture in order to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

2.     Hardwood flooring: Today’s home buyers almost always prefer beautiful hardwoods to carpet or tile. However, without the proper finish, scratches and stains can become a serious issue. In some households, kitchens, bathrooms and other high-traffic areas may be better off with a more durable flooring choice.

3.     Upstairs laundry room: A laundry room near your bedroom may seem like the ultimate convenience, but don’t forget to consider the noise. If you’re concerned the washer and dryer will keep you or the kids awake, doing a little extra legwork to get to a first-floor or basement laundry room may be worth it.

4.     Designer sinks: Bowl sinks are elegant, but they take up valuable counter space. Pedestal sinks look sleek, but they leave you no room to store toiletries or cleaning supplies. Consider reserving these features for a hall or guest bath rather than the bathrooms you use every day.

5.     In-ground pool: A pool in your backyard may be on your wish list, but keep in mind that pools require a lot of maintenance. Make sure you have the time, resources and motivation to take care of an in-ground pool before you take the plunge.


Five Star award Winner 2011-2019 honoring the top 7% of real estate professionals in Oregon.  

Rachel Sheller,Principal Broker, Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES,MASTERS CIRCLE, Earth Advantage Broker, Diversity Specialist-HOWNW, CSA-Certified Staging Agent, Oregon First, Washington First 

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